My culinary bouquet of favorite, polish cuisine with organic food and venison, including home made, famous polish sausages, ham, beacon and other meat, smoked, roast or cooked can be serve for you and yours guests.

With a wide variety of menus and my own recipes based on a old cook books, from the simplest of comfort food to the grandest of gourmet delights, can be customize for almost any situation at your order and request.

We can prepare for you lunch and dinner parties or food for crowded events.

With my experience of cooking for over 30 years, I have a passion for it and deeply believe in very old sentence “Let your food be medicine and your medicine be food”.  

Chef Paul Wieczor

in my kitchen

on my grill

in my smoker

Ball for Polish Club - New Year 2008 / 2009
City of Poznan event - BBQ home made sausage.
City of Kornik event - BBQ sausage and chicken.
Rally of Smokers Brotherhood - BBQ wild boar.
Spring event at Blonie – small BBQ

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